TRAD-IT is an experienced group of translators based in Bern who are specialised in the translation and revision of different types of texts from English, French and German into Italian.

Trad-it offers the know-how and the experience in a network of translators who’s mother tongue is Italian and who have graduated from the “Ecole de traducteurs et interprètes” at the University of Geneva.

Trad-it is your ideal partner for the translation and revision of documents (articles, manuals, technical and scientific texts), as well as the translation of websites, all in a large spectrum of Sectors (medical, journalism, law, IT, literary, administration, etc.).


Trad-it offers you a translation and revision service of documents or websites, in a variety of sectors. Some of the domains in which we specialise are listed below. Does your sector not appear in the list? Do not hesitate to contact us for a specific quote.


Correspondence, reports, texts and documents, etc.


Legislative texts, contracts, judgments, etc.


Technical and scientific texts, clinical study documentation, etc.

Information technology

Websites, manuals, programmes, etc.


Articles, dispatches, etc.


Critical reviews, articles, texts and documents, etc.


A list of references of clients who have put their trust in our work is given below:

Federal Chancellery, Bern

General headquarters staff office of the Federal Council

Swiss Transfusion SRC

An independent, non-profit public limited company within the Swiss Red Cross (SRC)

Swissmedic, Bern

The Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, ensures that only high-quality, safe and effective medicines and medical devices are placed on the market

Schweizerischer Transplantierten Verein

A non-profit association for transplanted patients

Agence Télégraphique Suisse, Bern

National press agency

Healthcare & Project Management (Geneva) SA

HPM is an independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO), which offers the entire range of clinical research services to pharmaceutical companies and clinical research institutions

Tourism office of Geneva





The commitment of Trad-it is based on a simple philosophy:
offer a personalised quote to our clients

To estimate the cost of a translation or revision project, we take several characteristics of the text into account, such as the nature and the volume of the text, as well as the repetitiveness and complexity of the terminology.

Each quote is country-specific and calculated according to reference prices, established by translation associations. However, our prices remain very competitive in relation to market prices.

Please use the contact form for further inquiries.


Trad-it is at your disposition for general enquiries and to discuss a possible future collaboration.

We will contact you as soon as possible to give you all requested information. To keep up our efficiency, we prefer to communicate via internet with our clients, but we do accept other forms of communication.

Once Trad-it has accomplished a project, we remain at your disposition for possible clarifications, modifications or corrections in accordance with the conditions listed in our contract.

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